Please supply files at physical print size @ 300ppi in your preferred colour space [either Adobe (1998) or sRGB]… but don’t enlarge. For enlargements, we prefer to receive files in native resolution (the file size that comes out of the camera) and let our RIP print system handle enlarging the image.

Which Colour space?

If you have a standard gamut monitor (such as an i-Mac or most off the shelf monitors) you should use sRGB colour space. If you use Adobe (1998) you do run the risk that our print system will print colours in your print that, while being present in your file, you could NOT SEE on your monitor due to your display’s restricted sRGB colour gamut.

If you have a wide-gamut monitor you should consider using Adobe (1998) colour space to get the most from our printers and papers. We can accept Adobe (1998) as our printer can print this gamut.

We prefer Dropbox for file delivery. Share your folder with [email protected]

Please make a folder that includes your name as follows:
>Example folder name: AlexSmith to Living Image

Inside that folder put a subfolder named with the date of upload, backwards
>>Example subfolder name: 20160101AlexSmith

Please name your files with the print size and quantity in the file name.
>>>Example file name      8x10inch_img_3456_3copies      or      20x25cm_img_3456_3copies

Please re-use that same main dropbox for subsequent orders and place your latest files in a new, correctly-dated folder.

Please e-mail us if you need help setting up Dropbox.

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